QUIZ: Is This Headline From Vox Or TMZ?

I only managed 6 out of 10 (barely more than you’d get by random chance), but then I don’t keep up with the rot that is TMZ’s bread-and-butter…or is it Vox’s?  Pop “culture” in its current form is pretty much a sewer either way.  The article is more an indictment of Vox’s unseriousness than anything else:

QUIZ: Is This Headline From Vox Or TMZ?.

The Struggle for Stupidity

On Common Core and the dumbing-down of America:

Bill Whittle: The Struggle for Stupidity

Reference is made within to a high-school reader (which may have been mistakenly identified in the title as sixth-grade material) from 100 years ago:

California Sixth Grade Reader

This looks like it could be an interesting read. (Interesting technical aside: just bought a copy, and it’s being sold without DRM. w00t!) If you have school-age kids attending the government-run indoctrination centers that are called “public schools,” it’d most likely be a good antidote for the PC mush they’re going to get there.