I picked up a larger George Foreman grill yesterday to replace the ~10-year-old one that had its nonstick coating coming off in places. Its first task was to cook something I’d not previously made before: salmon. It turned out to be pretty good for my first time making it, and dead simple: thaw it out in the sink, sprinkle some garlic salt on it, and chuck it in the grill for 3 minutes. Cook up some single-serving veggies of your choice in the microwave while the fish is on the grill, and you end up with quick, easy, surprisingly cheap ($4/lb for frozen wild salmon, and that’s a 1/4-lb. filet in the picture), and tasty all in one package. I also have some barbecue rub kicking around here that might work well with salmon; I think I’ll try that next time.

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