I’ve been making beer since 2002. I started making extract beers, but started doing all-grain after a little more than a year. It’s been a bit cumbersome at times due to the lack of space I have at home, but I think I’ve found a workable solution: the heatstick. It’s high-powered electric brewing that anybody can use without having to put in permanent wiring, so even an apartment dweller can use it. All it needs is 240-volt 30-amp service somewhere in your home; an electric clothes dryer or an electric stove can provide this.

I’ve been cataloging the beers I’ve had since some point in 2007, starting first with a text file within my Treo before migrating to a web-based setup that you can take a look at here. It’s mostly just what, who makes it, and where I had it, with occasional links to BeerAdvocate for more info when I remember to throw them in. If a beer really impresses me, I might throw in a short writeup, but this isn’t intended to be a review site. It’s more for my information, so when I’m out and about, I can tell if a beer on offer someplace is something I’ve had before. (The look-and-feel is very plain…kinda like Craigslist, so it loads quickly over a cellphone data connection.)

I also have a BrewBlogger instance up and running to which I need to add more of my recipes.  I’ve also set up a searchable HBD archive.

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