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Perhaps Moonbeam should get his own house in order first

Heard about this on the radio on the way into work this morning…mainly that Gov. Brian Sandoval has already fired back at the little shit:

Fact Check: Jerry Brown’s False ‘Terrorist Back Door’ for Guns

On Saturday, California Governor Jerry Brown (D) answered questions about the San Bernardino terror attack by pointing fingers at Arizona and Nevada, although the guns used in the terror attack were purchased legally in California.

Breitbart News previously reported that the two handguns used in attack were legally purchased by attacker Syed Farook, and the two AR-15 rifles were legally purchased by another individual some time ago. The Sacramento Bee reports that these legal purchases took place in California.

Yet according to the Bee, Brown tried to blame terrorism on the pro-Second Amendment laws that exist in states like Arizona and Nevada.

Looks like Rocky Mountain Gun Shows is going on the sh*t list

They’re among the Nevada gun businesses in favor of Michael Bloomberg’s universal background checks.  Looks like I’ll need to get my reloading supplies elsewhere in the future:

‘Gunquislings’ Deserve Appropriate Response from Liberty Advocates

“[S]ome gun owners and gun dealers are also background check proponents,” Fox 5 KVVU-TV Las Vegas notes in a report on Michael Bloomberg’s bought-and-paid for campaign to end private sales in Nevada. They’ve found two who are happy to go on record siding with out-of-state moneyed elitist interests.

“A lot of people are trying to say we shouldn’t do background checks, they don’t work,” Alex Acree of Fallout Firearms in North Las Vegas gushes. “They absolutely work.”


Then there’s Kourosh Haroni, who runs the Rocky Mountain Gun Show at South Point Casino. He’s proud of going above and beyond current Nevada law by forbidding private sales.

“That’s our standards at the Rocky Mountain Gun Show,” he proclaims. “That’s what we believe.”

h/t: Sipsey Street Irregulars


Password requirements FAIL


I went to sign up with the DMV website to put in a change of address.  After providing some info off my license and some other bits, they sent a link to the page shown above.

Only eight characters?  Not case-sensitive?  Really?

It also barfed on some of the non-alphanumeric characters KeePass wanted to use…an unstated requirement, apparently, is that only the three non-alphanumeric characters given are acceptable.  I’m used to giving websites passwords that are 20 or more characters of random gibberish to provide plenty of entropy; the limits imposed by the DMV website only allow about 50 bits of entropy, which is fairly weak security.

The length limit suggests that perhaps they’re storing raw passwords in their database, as that’s the only reason to have a length limit.  Even Ashley Madison probably didn’t make that kind of rookie mistake.

(Of course, no post on password strength issues is complete without this:

The sick shouldn’t have to beg for life-saving drugs

An effort is under way in a number of states to pass “right to try” laws that would widen the availability of experimental drugs to patients who’ve exhausted their other options.  Here in Nevada, AB164 has passed the Assembly and is on its way to the Senate.  The hope is that it’ll fend off more instances like the following:

The sick shouldn’t have to beg for life-saving drugs

Mikaela Knapp’s story is one such example.

At age 24, Mikaela was diagnosed with a deadly form of kidney cancer that migrated into her bones before she even knew she was sick. She went through every known treatment for the cancer in a matter of months — nothing worked. Mikaela’s high school sweetheart, Keith, heard about a drug in development that was successfully treating people with this same cancer. Like Josh, Mikaela wasn’t allowed to enroll in the clinical trial.

Mikaela and Keith launched a social media campaign to try to get access to the drug, but it wasn’t enough. The FDA didn’t help, the drug company didn’t bend and Mikaela didn’t get access to the drug.

She died on April 24, 2014.

Five months later, on Sept. 4, the FDA gave final approval to the drug that could have saved her life.

No family should have to launch a social media campaign or beg the government and drug companies on national television for the chance to save their child, their wife or their mother.

Dealing with cancer is bad enough.  Being told you can’t have access to a potentially lifesaving drug because some faceless bureaucrat hasn’t signed off on it yet is not only frustrating, but it’s killing people needlessly.  Is it guaranteed that the drugs in question will save people’s lives?  No…but it’s one more shot against a disease that, left untreated, will kill.

A new low for revenue farming

Besides, wasn’t the cop in question way out of his jurisdiction?  What’s a Boulder City cop doing writing tickets at Blue Diamond and the 15?  Seems that’d be Metro’s or NHP’s turf.  Beyond that, though, aren’t there real criminals out there they could be catching, or is real police work getting too difficult for the po-po?

Driver claims she got $200 ticket for putting on lip balm behind the wheel

The Nevada Highway Patrol has a campaign to crackdown on distracted drivers, but how far is too far when it comes to cracking the whip? 8 News NOW decided to examine that question after a Las Vegas woman said she received a ticket from a Boulder City police officer for putting on lip balm at a red light.

Stephanie Fragoso said she was cited Wednesday during the statewide crackdown. She said she was at a red light at I-15 and Blue Diamond when it happened.

Fragoso said when she asked the officer why he pulled her over, he told her it was for putting on makeup.

“I told him it was Chapstick,” Fragoso said.

Initially, Fragoso thought the entire thing was a joke, especially since it was April Fools Day, but when she received the citation, she quickly realized that wasn’t the case.

“He said ‘it could have been anything; you could have been drinking water, shaving your legs’,” said Fragoso.


Good riddance

Once upon a time he at least pretended to be a moderate, but in more recent years, he’s been fully coopted by the moonbat wing of the Democrat party.  Here’s to a more sensible replacement in 2017:

Reid won’t seek re-election to Senate in 2016

In a surprising development, U.S. Sen. Harry Reid announced Friday that he would not seek re-election, citing health problems as one of the reasons for his decision.

Reid, 75, hurt his eye and suffered at least three broken ribs in a freak home exercise accident earlier this year. The Senate minority leader worked from home for a time as he healed. His wife has battled cancer as well.

“This accident has caused Landra and me to have a little down time,” Reid, D-Nev., said in a statement. “I have had time to ponder and to think.


Reid announced his retirement in a statement and posted a YouTube video as well.

Until Friday, Reid had insisted he would run for a sixth term despite the accident and the 2014 election loss of the Democratic majority in the Senate.

Arguably the most powerful politician in Nevada history, Reid’s retirement will come after more than 30 years in Congress, including two terms in the House.

Nevada grassroots gun rights group challenges invalid Bloomberg signatures

Some local pushback in Doomberg’s attempted gun grab:

Nevada grassroots gun rights group challenges invalid Bloomberg signatures

A statewide group promoting the right to keep and bear arms in Nevada filed a challenge to a “gun control” measure instigated by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown organization, the Associated Press reported Monday. Nevadans for State Gun Rights notified Secretary of State Ross Miller of irregularities the group maintains should disqualify ballot measure-supporting signatures submitted by Nevadans for Background Checks.

The letter to Sec. Miller, signed by Nevadans for State Gun Rights President Don Turner, contained three requests for invalidation. The first noted petitions delivered after the required submission date. The second pointed out the lack of required affidavits for each page of signatures submitted, and that it specified the wrong county. The third showed an example of an affidavit signed and dated before all the signatures appearing on it had been obtained.