Looks like Rocky Mountain Gun Shows is going on the sh*t list

They’re among the Nevada gun businesses in favor of Michael Bloomberg’s universal background checks.  Looks like I’ll need to get my reloading supplies elsewhere in the future:

‘Gunquislings’ Deserve Appropriate Response from Liberty Advocates

“[S]ome gun owners and gun dealers are also background check proponents,” Fox 5 KVVU-TV Las Vegas notes in a report on Michael Bloomberg’s bought-and-paid for campaign to end private sales in Nevada. They’ve found two who are happy to go on record siding with out-of-state moneyed elitist interests.

“A lot of people are trying to say we shouldn’t do background checks, they don’t work,” Alex Acree of Fallout Firearms in North Las Vegas gushes. “They absolutely work.”


Then there’s Kourosh Haroni, who runs the Rocky Mountain Gun Show at South Point Casino. He’s proud of going above and beyond current Nevada law by forbidding private sales.

“That’s our standards at the Rocky Mountain Gun Show,” he proclaims. “That’s what we believe.”

h/t: Sipsey Street Irregulars