Monthly Archives: July 2021

Stop #3

In the glass: StationHaus, a slightly smoky red lager to benefit local firemen.

The “next time around” board has an unclaimed donation for Red Rock Search & Rescue, to which I might need to add a bit. They got organized initially to find a hasher who’d disappeared out in that part of town…turned out he’d fallen off of Turtlehead Peak. :( On-Ron!

Stop #2

In the glass: Veteran Pale Ale. Behind the bar: Russ Gardner, a homebrewer who I hadn’t run across in years. He said he’s holding down the fort here for a bit while he gets his own beer bar spun up in another month or so.

If I hadn’t stopped at Taco Y Taco earlier, I might also have grabbed a Cuban sandwich from the food truck outside.

Hitting up the Booze District

First time in over a year, I think…starting at Bad Beat. In the glass: A Healthy Distrust, which in addition to a useful outlook on life in general, is also a blonde coffee ale with vanilla. Like Bad Beat’s previous coffee beers, this one’s not the usual dark hue you might expect. Stops at Astronomy Aleworks and CraftHaus to follow shortly.