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A while back, I downloaded all of the issues of Apple Assembly Line that had been archived in GEnie’s A2Pro file area. Up to about the mid-’90s or so, GEnie was home to one of the largest and most vibrant Apple II communities out there. The rise of the Internet killed off GEnie (and most of its competition…when was the last time you logged into CompuServe or Delphi?), but my packrat instinct suggested that I ought to save a copy of these for myself.

I have every issue that GEnie had in its collection at the time. The only change from the way they were presented on GEnie is that I renamed the files so that a directory listing of them could easily be sorted chronologically… instead of “AAL.JAN.85.BXY,” for instance, that file is now “AAL.8501.BXY.” The info about each issue given in this HTML document is, if I remember right, the description that GEnie had used for the file.

So, without further ado, here’s the archive. The whole lot is only about 2.5MB, so you can either just click away at the links or use your favorite download manager to “leech” all of ’em in one swell foop. :-)

The entire collection is also available as a single ZIP archive. It’s mainly of benefit to non-Apple II users who might want to browse the collection. (There are unzip programs for the II, but ShrinkIt files are better if you’re working with this stuff on a II.)

Also, I received email on 2 Nov 99 from Bob Sander-Cederlof, the publisher of Apple Assembly Line. It turns out that publication ceased sometime in 1988, which means I’m missing a few files. If you have ’em and can send ’em to me, I’d be interested… send me mail.

The entire collection as a single (~2MB) file.

This issue contains articles on alternate ways to add and subtract one from a number, a general message printing subroutine, some S-C Macro Assembler patches and a hardware error in the JMP (addr) instruction in all 6502 chips (one of the first publications of this bug!).

This issue contains articles on bugs and new commands for the S-C Macro Assembler, a new USR command for that assembler, instructions for turning S-C files into text source files, a variable cross-reference generator for Applesoft programs and a simulated numeric keypad for the Apple II+, all in 6502 assembly!

This issue contains articles on intelligent disassemblers, a pretty LIST for Integer BASIC, new commands and directives for the S-C Macro Assembler and ways to handle 16-bit comparisons on an 8-bit machine.

This issue contains articles on how to move memory, a computed GOSUB for Applesoft and putting a new COPY and EDIT into the S-C Macro Assembler.

This issue contains articles on making all kinds of noises with the Apple II speaker (tones, bells, machine guns, swoops, lasers, inch-worms, touch-tones and morse code)! It also has stuffing object code in protected places, multiplying on the 6502 and string swapping in Applesoft.

This issue contains articles on a pretty ‘dump’ command, ‘unused’ opcodes and what they do on a 6502, a complet 6502 opcode chart, moving commands to the language card, a commented listing of the DOS 3.2.1 RWTS and an ‘&’ command for the S-C Assembler II.

This issue contains articles on text file I/O in assembly language, AppleSoft internal entry points, fast string input for Applesoft, hiding things in DOS, and the format code for both DOS 3.2.1 and DOS 3.3! PLUS a substring search for Applesoft and some S-C Assembler II patches.

This issue contains articles on a hi-res SCRN function for Applesoft, conquering paddle jitter, a shift-key modification, the 6502 programming model and a commented listing of DOS 3.2.1 from $B800 through $BCFF.

This issue contains articles on two fancy tone generators, more multiplication on the 6502, specialized multiplication, a commented listing of DOS 3.3 from $B800 through $BCFF and a review of ‘Beneath Apple DOS’ from when it was new.

This issue contains articles on lower case in a II+, printing the screen, restoring clobbered page 3 pointers, corrections to the variable X-ref program in V1N2 (AAL.8011.BXY) and a step-trace utility!

This issue contains articles on finding Applesoft line numbers, binary keyboard input, two ways to compare a byte, selective catalogs in FID, random number generation in Integer BASIC, corrections to V1N2 (AAL.8011.BXY) and a commented listing of the DOS 3.3 boot ROM!

This issue contains articles on a field input routine for Applesoft, CHRGET and CHRGOT, exiting the S-C Assembler II, a new .AS directive for that assembler and a commented listing of DOS 3.3 RWTS (also used in ProDOS)!

This issue contains articles on sifting primes faster and faster, a 6809 cross assembler, extending the Apple II monitor, some errata and a disassembly of DOS 3.3 from $B052-$B0B5 and $B35F-$B7FF.

This issue contains articles on using AppleSoft from assembly language, a formatted print subroutine, a poor man’s disassembler and a beginning lesson on loops.

This issue contains articles on a 6809 card with FLEX, AppleSoft hi-res subroutines, hex constants in AppleSoft, an AppleSoft line editing aid, improved AppleSoft fast string input, adding ASCII dump to the original Apple II monitor and an AppleSoft GOTO from assembly language.

This issue contains articles on a hi-res SCRN function with color, a 6502 relocator, a note of a problem in DOS 3.3, some handy EXEC files, a one-chip microcomputer, a couple of reviews and some S-C Assembler goodies.

This issue contains articles on DOS error trapping from machine language, improving the EPSON controller card, even faster primes, a printer FIFO buffer, patches for Apple Writer to unhook PLE, a great free adventure and dividing by ten.

This issue contains articles on reading 2 paddles at once, EPROM blasters, reviews, more about the EPSON interface, tricky code that always skips, using the AE Time II card, some corrections and a note from the publisher.

This issue contains articles on adding auto-save to the S-C assembler, a review of an Applesoft editor, an easy shift-key modifier, using macros and nested macros and recursive macros, controlling software configuration and making a funny noise.

This issue contains articles on a secret RWTS caller inside DOS 3.3, benchmarking block MOVEs, another recursive macro, reading a whole track with RWTS, reading the game buttons unambiguously and a macro branch library.

This issue contains articles on implementing ‘new’ opcodes using BRK, a new hi-res function for Applesoft, a bubble sort, macro hints, a yes/no subroutine, a bell routine, a shift-key modification, searching for zero-page references, an automatic CATALOG for the S-C Macro Assembler and a memory examiner.

This issue contains articles on run-anywhere subroutines, a giant macro for messages, sorting out zero-page references, simple hi-res animation, a text file display command for DOS and some reviews.

This issue contains articles on search and perform subroutines, DOS free space patches, a quick way to write DOS on a disk, corrections to the July relocatable JSR command, efficient handling of very large assembly source files, a blinking underscore cursor and lots more goodies!

This issue contains articles on new S-C products, a directory of assembler directives, relocatable ampersand-vector code, eliminating paddle interaction, some fast screen tricks, a bibliography, a note about the 6800 cross assembler and the underline cursor and some reviews and patches.

This issue contains articles on a DOS 3.3 catalog arranger, why you need macros, converting toolkit source to S-C, S-C assembler goodies and info on how people could have written for AAL, plus a correction to the fast screen scrolling by Bob.

This issue contains articles on sound patterns, digitized speech on an Apple II, more fast primes, moving a symbol table, EXEC without END in Applesoft, an Applesoft program locator and REPEAT/UNTIL for Applesoft.

This issue contains articles on making relocatable JMPs and JSRs, adding bit-control to the monitor, assembly listings on text files, commented Applesoft source, 65C02 preview, garbage collection in arrays, splitting strings to display length, several quickies and more S-C assembler goodies.

This issue contains articles on a Super Scroller, branch opcode names, more on catalog arranger, adding decimal values from ASCII strings, programming the language card, seed thoughts on extensions, more quickies, ideas and reviews.

This issue contains articles on really useful ASCII string adding, an endless alarm, Apple IIe notes (introduced just before this issue), an Applesoft INPUT tuner, star-tling stunts and quickies, S-C goodies and reviews.

This issue contains articles on PTRGET and GETARYPT, a macro-building macro, Epson MX-80 screen dumps, a division tutorial, a note on prime benchmarks, garbage-collection indicator for Applesoft, more on the IIe and reviews.

This issue contains articles on patching DOS 3.3 for fast LOAD and BLOAD, an ‘ORG’ macro, date processing modules, a new version of DOS 3.3, a general purpose patch installer, more reviews and a few notes.

This issue contains articles on displaying character generator EPROMs, a reference of chips in the Apple II+, a PAUSE directive for S-C, some new cards, a program to find address references, generating parity and garbled error messages under DOS.

This issue contains articles on a spiral screen clear, a burglary (for real), binary to decimal conversion, why not to replace INIT in DOS 3.3, reformatting a lot of text, working with track balls and an ampersand monitor caller.

This issue contains articles on a 6502 mini-assembler in Applesoft, speeding up text file I/O, the 65C02, a revised monitor patch for ASCII display, an 80-column SHOW command, an explanation of the DOS 3.3 APPEND bug, S-C goodies and the resolution of the burglary.

This issue contains articles on using auxiliary memory on the IIe, the 65C02, speeding up spirals, tinkering with variable cross references, reversing, getting and storing nibbles, some small patches and patch unification, and some 68000 boards for the Apple II.

This issue contains articles on jump vectoring, generating machine code with Applesoft, Amper-monitor, more DOS 3.3 revisions, calculating base addresses, saving source files for Apple’s mini-assembler, generic screen dumps, a CATALOG interrupt and an 80-column ASCII Monitor dump.

This issue contains articles on more tinkering with variable cross-references, faster booting for ScreenWriter II, large assembly listings to text files, lower case titles, a macro-calculated spiral screen clear, counting lines and more goodies.

This issue contains articles with a commented listing of ProDOS 8’s disk nibblization routines, a look at Aztec C, killing an EXEC file, shapemaker enhancements, ProDOS clock drivers and more on lower case titles.

This issue contains articles with more disassemblies of ProDOS 8, more assembly listings into text files, more on Aztec C, generalized GOTO and GOSUB, finding trouble in a RAM card, the TimeMaster II from AE and converting S-C files to text files.

This issue contains articles on a code profiler, more on a Don Lancaster assembly language book, DOS patches to avoid interrupt problems, more on the 65C02, some reviews, online with Steve Wozniak and a 68000 ‘color pattern’.

This issue contains articles on listing buried messages, peeking at the catalog, fast scrolling on IIe 80-column screens, a look at the Macintosh, wrap-around addressing, delays, IIe soft switches, a text area erase routine, a macro to generate a quotient/remainder table for Hi-Res and even more good stuff!

This issue contains articles on fast garbage collection, changing VERIFY to DISPLAY, faster table lookups via redundancy, disk drive pressure pads, ProDOS on a Franklin, the color pattern in 6502 code and a philosophical article wondering if ProDOS will succeed.

This issue contains articles on a CRC subroutine, more clocks, an evening with Woz, quick DOS updating (no more MASTER CREATE), burning and erasing EPROMs, and macro source code available.

This issue contains articles on random numbers for Applesoft, the Apple IIc, news from Roger Wagner, the enhanced Apple II ROM, the 65C02 in older Apple II machines, decimal floating point arithmetic, making a difference map and a solution to an old puzzle.

This issue contains articles on 18-digit arithmetic (part 2), DOS studies, revisiting $48, more random number generators, booting ProDOS with a modified ROM, finding the bad bit using CRCs, and lots more too intricate to list here!

This issue contains articles on 18-digit arithmetic (part 3), building label tables for DISASM, quick memory testing, a 68000 sieve benchmark, an updated 6502 prime sifter, sorting and swapping, ‘gotchas’ on the Apple IIc, orphans and widows, and speed vs. space.

This issue contains articles on 18-digit arithmetic (part 4), enabling and disabling IRQ from Applesoft, line number cross references, slow chips, and a modification to DOS 3.3 for big BSAVEs.

This issue contains articles on 18-digit arithmetic (part 5), faster ampersand routines to zero arrays, turning an index into a mask, putting messages on the screen, a bibliography on hi-res graphics and some great ‘new’ books.

This issue contains amplifications on past articles on 18-digit arithmetic (plus part 6 of the series), more on ‘index to mask’, a review and sample program for the 65802, an index to volume 4 and reviews of two early Macintosh 68000 assemblers, of all things.

This issue contains part 7 of 18-digit arithmetic (and square roots!), megabytes for the IIe, the 65816, an improved 80-column monitor dump, generating cross-reference files with DISASM, macro information by example, turning bit-masks into indexes and converting two-digit decimal strings to binary.

This issue contains part 8 of 18-digit arithmetic, more details on 65C02’s in older Apple II computers, corrections on V5N2’s MVN/MVP, a strange way to divide by 7, sly hex conversion, remembering early computer prices, tables for faster hi-res, Blankenship’s BASIC and a solution to overlapping DOS 3.3 patches.

This issue contains part 9 of 18-digit arithmetic (the printing routine!), a symbol table source maker and a short single-byte hex-to-decimal printer. The first two routines are so informative they take up almost all of the 32-page paper issue!

This issue contains part 10 of 18-digit arithemetic, questions and answers on the S-C 2.0 assembler, making DOS-less disks, corrections, reviews, more S-C assembler stuff and building hi-res pre-shift tables.

This issue contains info on shortening the DOS file buffer builder, more on 65C02s in older Apple IIs, improved DOS 3.3 number parsing and lower-case DOS 3.3 commands, the Oki 6203 multiply/divide chip, a real 65816 diassembler (with source!) and finding memory size from the ProDOS 8 global page.

This issue contains a volume catalog for Corvus and Sider hard disks, shrinking code inside BASIC.System, fast text windows for Applesoft, discussion of some ‘new’ products, reviews and S-C macro assembler stuff.

This issue contains a new catalog for DOS 3.3, an 80-column window utility for the IIe and IIc, adding a DATE command to BASIC.System and lots of S-C Macro Assembler 2.0 modifications, plus some reviews and modifying the Rak-Ware DISASM program, for all of us who still use it.

This issue contains the Boyer-Morris string search algorithm, a short integer square-root subroutine, a note on the TXS instruction on the 65802, interrupt trace, improving the single-byte converter, two ROM sets in one IIe, a Call utility for Applesoft and some final DP18 subroutines.

This issue contains info on how to read DOS 3.3 disks under ProDOS, how to recursively list files (including contents of subdirectories) on a ProDOS filesystem, and how to BSAVE to a new non-binary file under BASIC.SYSTEM 1.1. A review of the MCT SpeedDemon accelerator is also included.

This issue contains how to make a 576K printer buffer on your IIc with a Z-RAM card, a discussion of how many bytes each opcode takes, some generic conversion routines and a wildcard file name search.

This issue contains a prime benchmark for the 65802, putting DOS and ProDOS on the same disk, software sources for 65802 and 65816, problems putting 65802 chips in Apple II+ computers and a short binary-to-decimal conversion routine in 65802 (good for 65816 as well).

This issue contains articles on a ProDOS driver that records what calls are made to it, a DOS 3.3 RWTS patch to do the same recording, a puzzle in a program that erases itself and more, more on putting 65C02 chips in older Apple II machines, a multiple-column disassembler, reviews, news and more.

This issue contains articles on a 15K language card-based RAM disk for DOS 3.3, a patch to ProDOS QUIT to allow the right-arrow key, three solutiosn to the previous month’s puzzle, a commented disassembly of the ProDOS QUIT call, and two ways to merge fields into one byte.

This issue contains articles on bugs in last month’s RAM disk driver, tracing the ProDOS MLI, a review of the OKS Kache Card, more puzzle solutions, pseudo-variables in machine language and computing the day of the week.

This issue contains articles on converting lo-res pictures to hi-res, a question on returning from BRUN, text file transfer under DOS 3.3, fast 6502 and 65802 multiplication routines, a RAMWorks compatible auxmove routine, a correction to the dual DOS 3.3/ProDOS disk creator and trivia from Bill Mensch on the origin of the number ‘6502’.

This issue contains articles on a wildcard-capable CATALOG for DOS 3.3, the Mitsubishi 50740 series microprocessors (MPW IIgs assembler actually recognizes these guys), a faster CRC method, corrections to faster garbage collection and a DOS 3.3 patch to prevent directly-entered commands from working.

This issue contains articles on running ProDOS on non-Apple ROMs, even faster 16X16 multiplication for the 65802 (or 65816), making a smarter 65816 disassembler, the fastest 6502 multiplication yet, PAL programming hardware, reviews, and a routine to determine which 65XXX series processor you’re using!

This issue contains articles on tool for restoring lost catalogs, using primitive text windows, dividing BCD values by four, booting into 80 columns, a faster boot for DOS 3.3 with more disk space and a screen hole gaffe in the second Apple IIc ROM release.

This issue contains articles on modifying DOS 3.3 to use 3.5′ disks, recovering lost programs in the S-C assembler environment and even more better division by seven.

This issue contains articles on the 65816 stack relative addressing mode, fast 16X16 multiply and divide for the 65802, the real story about DOS and BRUN, toggling between two values, using SmartPort, generalized MLI error handling and a practical CRC use.

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