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Really? Are you that lazy?

Wait a sec…we already know the answer to that second question.  Still, would it have troubled the bastard too much to move the damn coffee cup to his other hand so he could render a proper salute?


Astroturfers Against Rush

Is it any surprise that the Soros-funded Media Matters (do they?) is behind this pathetic effort?  This is my “surprised” face: :-|

Meet The Activists Trying To Destroy Rush Limbaugh

Bio on the group’s Media Matters connection (emphasis added):

Angelo Carusone: Executive vice president of the George Soros-funded liberal attack group Media Matters for America. “Stop Rush, I initially rolled it out in late 2009 and early 2010,” Carusone told the Village Voice in 2012. “At the time, the Beck work was doing well…I started Stop Rush in 2009, 2010, and when I went to register the domain, I saw that Rush owned” Carusone also agreed with the Village Voice that Sandra Fluke represented Limbaugh’s “Waterloo.” Carusone is responsible for leading the Stop Rush efforts and then “handing off” responsibilities to less well-known activists to create the appearance of grassroots outrage, according to Limbaugh’s staff.

Minitrue smacked down…this time

The New York Slimes tried to pass off this bit of mendacity twelve days ago with regard to rounding up allies to take on ISIS today vs. rounding up allies to take on Saddam Hussein in 2003:

“[U]nlike Mr. Bush, Mr. Obama has sought to surround the United States with partners.”

They finally got around to issuing a correction for their smear today:

New York Times Issues Correction for Claim That ‘Unlike Bush,’ Obama Building Iraq Coalition