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“Empathize” with our enemies? How about we grind them into the dirt, instead?

Today: Taliban Butchers 130 Schoolchildren; Sets Teacher on Fire In Front of Class
Last Week: Hillary Clinton Claims We Need to “Empathize With” Our Enemies

Some advice for Hillary and her fellow travelers: That hajji is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

(Yes, this is a shameless ripoff of a movie quote.  It was the first thing that came to mind upon hearing of this.)

Change you can believe in

Cartoon - China Number One Economy

We’re Number Two

The U.S. was the world’s number one economy prior to World War II, but it took off bigtime after the war and there has not been a day of my long life in which we were not number one—until now.

The International Monetary Fund recently released its calculations regarding the world’s economy and concluded that China is the number one economy, producing $17.6 trillion in terms of goods and services, as compared with the U.S. producing $17.4 trillion. It’s not an overwhelming gap, but it is a warning that our economy is going in the wrong direction and has been before and since the financial crisis of 2008.

Ihre Papiere, bitte!

Notice how quickly the usual suspects squawk when it’s their freedoms on the line:

Is it time to treat the First Amendment just like the Second?

Two stories in today’s Seattle Times best illustrate the hypocrisy of the political left when it comes to the exercise of civil rights – in this case the First Amendment – and might provide an object lesson to anyone favoring restrictions on the Second Amendment.

One article explains that the Downtown Seattle Association and other Seattle business groups complained to Mayor Ed Murray and the city council about the downtown protests after the Ferguson grand jury decision. These protests were launched without permits and “caused significant disruption and impacts to transportation, commerce, jobs, retailers, residents, employees and tax revenues,” the Times reported.

Their lament drew a quick reaction from the Seattle chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, described as “an organization of activist-minded law students, legal workers and attorneys.” In their letter, the Guild wrote, “We are saddened that the Downtown Seattle Association and its partners in the business community do not understand the First Amendment and the right to protest in the most public of places in Seattle — downtown.”


Why should peaceful protesters be treated any differently in their exercise of the First Amendment than law-abiding, peaceful gun owners be treated in their exercise of the Second Amendment? Background checks for all firearms transfers, including loans or gifts and private sales might just as easily be considered “prior restraint.”

Note to protesters: If you don’t care to be photographed in a public place on the suspicion that you just might be preparing to commit a crime, don’t squawk because gun owners don’t care to have the government recording every time they loan or borrow a firearm, especially to a friend or neighbor they have known for years, perhaps decades, on the mere suspicion that some crime might occur. That’s how Second Amendment advocates could explain why blindly voting for a “universal background check” initiative is insidious. Passing a law that ratchets down on someone else’s civil right is not nearly as noticeable as your own civil rights ox being gored.

GOP Joins Team Obama

Disgusting. I’m not even sure the moniker “Democrat Lite” is sufficiently descriptive of these RINO pukes, as they’ve basically grabbed their ankles and let 0bama have his way with them. They were voted in to stop his lawlessness, but now they’ve gone and done this:

GOP Joins Team Obama

The merger of the RNC with the DNC has begun. Led by John Boehner 162 House Republicans voted to join Team Obama and become part of the problem. Conservatives across the nation are fuming over the betrayal handed to them by the Republican Party and are left wondering if the GOP is worth saving. For years we have contemplated the possibility of leaving the GOP and forming a new political party that would be more to our liking, and now that the GOP has responded to an overwhelming mandate to end Obama’s amnesty by totally surrendering to his wishes, it appears we may now have no other choice.

Make no mistake, it is no longer Obama’s amnesty plan, it has now become Washington’s amnesty plan. By voting to fund the program the GOP has become complicit in the President’s illegal, unconstitutional, and immoral scheme. Contrary to what some may believe, Boehner did not push this bill through because he feared being blamed for a government shutdown; he did so because he wants to pass amnesty just as much as Obama does. John Boehner and the establishment Republicans represent the wishes of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce rather than the people who voted them into office.

If I wanted the Democrats in charge, I would’ve voted for the bastards. What good is voting for Republicans, though, if they’re going to squander the mandate they were given little more than a month ago? Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t just tell Weepy Boner and his minions to FOAD, go down to the elections office, and ditch the Republican affiliation I’ve maintained for over 20 years. Democrats are still abhorrent on social and cultural issues, so there’s a snowball’s chance in hell I’d ever throw in with them, but on the more existential issues that we face, I can’t find a dime’s worth of difference between the two. They’re both treating the Constitution like toilet paper. The Democrats do this by actively dismantling the rule of law, while the Republicans do this passively by not putting an end to the Democrats’ shenanigans. Either course leads to the same foul end.