Parts for the reflow controller are on the way

Here’s my next project:

It’s basically a mashup of the Rocket Scream reflow oven controller shield with an Arduino Leonardo, crammed into as small a board as possible (only 2″x2.5″) so it can be installed inside nearly any toaster oven. I fired off a parts order just a few minutes ago. While the board design is ready, I like to have the parts in hand so I can verify against a printout of the board design that they’ll fit. I’ve ordered boards made before, only to find out that the parts intended to go on them wouldn’t fit.

Beyond the board and parts, the only other components I’ll still need to get are a solid-state relay (and heatsink) and a thermocouple. I think I’ll stash an iPhone charger inside to power the controller board, as I have several of them kicking around here. I already have the toaster oven…picked up one of these, as others have had success with it in their builds. It’s cheap and heats up quickly.