Scumbag IRS agent tries to bribe cops after a fight at a football game

They only put “IRS agent” in scare quotes because the only confirmation so far is a Google+ profile with matching name and location, but it’s not exactly a common name:

Video: “IRS agent” tries to bribe Pittsburgh PD after football fracas

At Sunday’s Steelers win over Baltimore, [Stephen] Sapp began getting into a drunken rage at one of the gates of Heinz Field, prompting off-duty and on-duty officers to attempt to get him to leave. After Sapp knocked a woman unconscious during the tirade that followed, he resisted arrest, but that’s where the fun began for Sapp (via Instapundit):

Sapp sustained some cuts in the struggle and was transported to UPMC Mercy Hospital for treatment.

While at the hospital, Sapp allegedly tried to bribe officers to let him go.

According to the criminal complaint, Sapp stated, “Listen, I know how this works. How much money will it take to make this go away and to let me go home today?

The officers informed Sapp that he could not attempt to bribe them, but Sapp continued.

Look, I am an IRS agent and I can help you in other ways if you let me go home and make this go away.

After being treated at the hospital, Sapp was transported to the Allegheny County Jail and was being held on $10,000 bond.

(Emphasis added.)