Just as you’d expect from Feinstein & Co.


The only “torture” going on here is of the truth:

Senate Interrogation Report Is Just A Partisan Political Document

California Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s long, overblown “report” on how we got tough with terrorist detainees after 9/11 misses the crucial point: Hundreds, if not thousands, of lives were saved.


Feinstein claims that five years of poring over more than 6 million pages of CIA documents brings the “overwhelming and incontrovertible” conclusion that the U.S. tortured terrorists. She cites “confinement” and “conditioning techniques” as examples.

Maybe we should have put up Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and others dedicated to killing innocent Americans in five-star hotels. Then again, we did when it came to many of them. It was called Guantanamo Bay.

The so-called “Senate Report” is actually a Democrat report; there is nothing bipartisan about it because no Republican senator signed on to it. Its attacks on enhanced interrogation echo exactly the rhetoric of the 2008 Obama presidential campaign.

Never mind, also, that the coercive interrogation techniques used are no different than what your average special-forces operator gets to experience personally as part of his training. The back seat of Ted Kennedy’s car was a more dangerous place than Club Gitmo.