This is what happens when you put a malignant narcissist into the White House

B7HIMfsIAAAFLnfFailure to lead.  Even Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu both showed up, and they’re pretty much polar opposites in their neck of the woods. 0bama, OTOH, couldn’t be bothered:

“Je Suis Charlie” Morphed into ‘Je Suis Obama’  Before the Entire World

Barack Obama came out of the weeds today showing who and what he really is—and did it on his own.

While millions out on the street were chanting “Je suis Charlie”, came only lip service from the White House with the chant, “Je suis Obama”.

By ignoring the anti-terrorism rally in France—the largest in its entire history—Obama is no longer only America’s problem any more. He’s now the one Western leader who came out of the weeds to prove to the world that he doesn’t give a rodent’s rear about the horrific carnage of Islamic terrorism at a time when millions are taking to the streets to take a most public stand against it.

By staying at home in the White House, purportedly to watch a football game, Obama came out as stridently non-sympathetic to a world worried about terrorism; a politician who thinks it’s good enough to let empty lip service do his talking for him.

Everyone should care about terrorism, and everyone includes the arrogant community organizer in the White House.