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the-new-nero‘That’s fantastic’: As Middle East Implodes, Obama Heads to Florida for Golf Vacation

Saudi Arabia’s launching airstrikes into Yemen, Yemen hands some juicy intel to Iran…and what does the Community Organizer in Chief do?

What did you think he’d do…actually lead in a time of crisis?  Hell no…time to get in some more golf!

President Obama will be vacationing in South Florida this weekend, sources have confirmed for WPBF 25 News.

The president is expected to stay at the Florida National Golf Club, which is in Palm City and Port St. Lucie. Obama made a similar trip to the area in February of 2013.

Like last time, he’s expected to spend much of his time playing golf.

“That’s fantastic,” said Johanna Morphew of Port St. Lucie. “It’ll be nice to have him in town.”

“It’s good,” said Raphael Martinez of Port St. Lucie. “Get some attention. Get Port St. Lucie in the news.”

…and those quotes are why Fark has a Florida tag.