Isn’t there a regulation against this?

I’m just an Air Force brat (with three years of AFJROTC and one year of AFROTC under my belt), but I suspect that red high heels aren’t authorized for wear with uniforms even for women, let alone for men.  Do commanders get to just make up changes of this sort on-the-fly?  That’s also doubtful.  How, then, was this allowed to happen?

See, this is the kind of thing that sinks Army morale

Yesterday, we discussed a couple dozen things that bad leadership does to produce morale lower than a boil on a bushmaster’s belly. The kind of morale that the Army has right now.

But that was before we saw the latest in imbecilic social-engineering from these losers who couldn’t lead feces down a drainpipe to a septic tank. We are not making this up:

Mandatory high-heel march.

How long before the social engineers running the joint manage to reduce the military to this?  (C’mon…you knew this was coming.)