Sign of the times for our college campuses

FullSizeRender-1024x768Maybe they still have a few of these stashed away in some warehouse in Berlin that they could send over, as they haven’t needed them since 1989:

Checkpoint, Charlie

Consider, to take just one example, our institutions of so-called higher education.  You know as well as I how thoroughly that “so-called” is merited by sodden, politically correct swamps that our colleges and universities have occupied in recent years.  Those scenes of spurious “micro aggressions” and  “trigger warnings,” of mephiticrievance mongering, sexual inversion, and infantile political posturing: is there any aspect of American society more distaste, more pampered, more epicene?  I doubt it. Kinglake’s wry observation might be justly applied to those portals of inanity, but a friend who recently visited Berlin had an even more appropriate label.  It is this advisory from Checkpoint Charlie, which divided the American from the totalitarian zone of Berlin.  Really, is there any more pertinent sign for most colleges and universities?