SJWs’ Latest Windmill: Craft Beers With Suggestive Names

double_ipa_logo.286x0The author of the Federalist piece knocks Double D Double IPA.  I’ve had it, and wouldn’t have any qualms about it being in my fridge:

Social Attention Whores Have New Made-Up Concern to Complain About: Craft Beers With Sexually-Suggestive Names

Hey Slate, Bullying Microbreweries Won’t End Misogyny

The writers at Slate should get off their high horses and just drink a beer already.

In a recent article, William Gordon wails about the “gross puns and derogatory labels” on craft beers. And maybe he’s right—some microbrews probably should clean up their act.

But maybe Slate should also apply the Left’s traditional logic: if you don’t like a misogynistic beer, don’t have one. After all, the only person worse than the dude who brings “Raging Bitch IPA” to the party is the culture warrior who whines about it.