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LV_BlueCard_FrontGuess I can go fish the guns I never registered out of Lake Mead now:

Gun enthusiasts shred blue cards in North Las Vegas

A sense of triumph overpowered the scent of rain in the wind for the hundreds of Second Amendment enthusiasts gathered at a North Las Vegas gun shop on Saturday.

A decades-old handgun Clark County registration program was shot down by the Nevada Legislature earlier this summer.

Those who gathered celebrated the program‘s demise at a community barbecue and blue card shredding party at the New Frontier Armory, 150 E. Centennial Parkway, near North Fifth Street.

Nevada Firearms Coalition President Don Turner said about 250 people came, including many families, and they were happy to celebrate the end of the program.

“A lot of people were taking pictures as they shred their blue cards,” he said, adding that the 3-foot-tall shredder people used was probably filled.