CyanogenMod 12.1 brings back stock features on the Moto X

About two years ago, I replaced my iPhone 4 with a Moto X.  One of the coolest features at the time was that you could shake it while it was “asleep” to bring up the camera.  It’d also wake up the screen periodically to show the time and recent notifications.

These features went away when I unlocked the bootloader and switched from stock firmware to CyanogenMod 11 a while back, but the advantages of a mostly-unlocked phone (still need a SIM unlock…can probably do that next month for free when my plan’s up) outweighed the disadvantages.

Today, I got around to updating to CyanogenMod 12.1.  It took an unusually long time to install and Lollipop has moved lots of things around compared to where they were in KitKat, but the hardware is still able to keep up with it.  More importantly, the sleep-mode notifications and the shake-to-switch-to-the-camera feature are back.  It was nice to not have to unlock the phone and dig through the menus to fire up the camera; shake it anytime and the camera’s ready in about a second.  That means fewer missed shots when something happens.