Starting to get into the swing of things

Loaded a new batch of .30-06 Saturday morning before the hash, then went shooting yesterday.  How much of it is the “recipe” and how much is my finally getting around to RTFM to make sure the Garand’s sights were properly set up is unknown (windage was way off from where it should’ve been), but  I think these are my best yet:


16 rounds at 75 yards…nothing outside the 8 ring, two bullseyes.


17 more rounds on the same target, this time at 100 yards…just one in the 7 ring, and it was the one shot I loaded manually instead of through a clip as I had 33 with me.  Three more bullseyes.

Load recipe for this batch: mil-surp (HXP) brass, CCI 200 primer, Hornady 150-gr FMJBT, 44.2 gr Varget.  It’s supposed to be good for 2500 fps, and I had no misfeeds.  The load data I have says you can get up to 2600 from this combination of bullet and powder, but this was only my second batch (loaded the first one with less powder for 2400).