“I am Jack’s complete lack of perspective”

Because “microaggressions” and “white privilege” are such massive problems, next to Mohammedans on the warpath.  Yeah, I’ve got your microaggressions right here!

Mizzou Activists Complain About Paris Stealing the Spotlight

Campus activists in America showed their true faces during an international tragedy last night: they are the selfish, spoiled children we always knew they were.

Black Lives Matter and Mizzou protesters responded to the murder of scores of people in Paris at the hands of Islamic extremists by complaining about losing the spotlight and saying their “struggles” were being “erased.” Their struggles, remember, consist of a poop swastika of unknown provenance and unsubstantiated claims of racially-charged remarks somewhere near Missouri’s campus.

So debased has the language on American campuses become that these incidents, which many observers believe to be hoaxes, just like previous campus scandals celebrated by progressive media, are being referred to as “terrorism” and a “tragedy” by moronic 20-year-olds who have never been told, “No.”

Click through for their greatest Twatter hits, which have been preserved should any of them try to memory-hole them.