0bama still can’t admit the obvious

Dumbass can’t abide the inconvenient truth about the origin of the terrorism that’s sweeping the world:

French Sources Now Reporting That The White House Cut Translation of Hollande’s Words When He Mentioned “Islamist Terrorism”

Ace provides a translation of this article:

VIDÉOS – La Maison-Blanche coupe la traduction de François Hollande quand il parle de “terrorisme islamiste”

Google Translate provides this:

VIDEOS – The White House cut translation of François Hollande when he speaks of “Islamic terrorism”

Is it a technical problem or a real will to censorship? The White House did not tell surely. But it’s still a funny moment has lived François Hollande, Thursday, March 31, in Washington , even though the French head of state does is probably not realized.

Following the summit on nuclear security, President Barack Obama and his French counterpart issued a joint statement, referring in particular Daech. The tone was serious, committed volunteer. But, as noted by the Media Research Center , a conservative group American media monitoring, what the French president were not translated for several seconds . And this break occurred just after he pronounced the words “Islamic terrorism” .

François Hollande said:

We are aware that the source of Islamist terrorism, it is in Syria and it is in Iraq . And we must act in Iraq and Syria. This is what we do as part of the coalition. And we find that Daech is down thanks to strikes that we have been able in the course of this coalition.

The article includes two video clips. One is the original French, from what I think is an official government feed via Dailymotion. The other, from the White House YouTube feed, is the mangled translation.