Obama at National Prayer Breakfast: You Know, American Christians Are Really No Better Than IS Terrorists, When You Think About It

Obama at National Prayer Breakfast: You Know, American Christians Are Really No Better Than IS Terrorists, When You Think About It

How incandescently stupid—and/or morally bankrupt—do you have to be to come up with the following, a direct quote from the Community-Organizer-in-Chief?

How do we, as people of faith, reconcile these realities–the profound good, the strength, the tenacity, the compassion and love that can flow from all of our faiths, operating alongside those who seek to hijack religious for their own murderous ends?

Humanity has been grappling with these questions throughout human history. And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.

The ignorance on display here is just incredible. First, the Crusades were a response to the Mohammedans’ invasions of the Holy Land and of parts of Europe, and of their attempts at spreading elsewhere throughout Europe. Is 0bama arguing that they should’ve just rolled over and let the Mohammedans take over Europe? Second, it was Christians who put an end to slavery throughout the civilized world, and put an end to Jim Crow here at home. Assuming for the moment that Christianity had ever been used as justification for either of those practices, that it no longer does should be taken as an indication that it can evolve—and has evolved—to a better understanding of how people should relate to each other. Furthermore, that large chunks of the present-day Mohammedan world have not had a similar evolution should give the lie to any notion of a moral equivalence between them and Christians…or them and pretty much anybody in the civilized world, for that matter. Slavery, to name just one atrocity, is not only alive and well in the Mohammedan world, it’s making a comeback:

In late November, after nearly four months as Isis slaves, a 19-year old Yazidi woman and her younger sister escaped their captors — and have revealed how the terrorist group’s slave trade operates.

The woman, identified as Girl B, was taken by Isis fighters in early August following their invasion of the Kurdish city of Sinjar. Her 14-year old sister was also taken by the group, but their mother prevented the capture of their 11-year old sister.

She told The Times: “My mother started screaming and begging for mercy as the Daesh (Isis) fighters told my sister and me to join the group of younger women specially selected.”

“But they tore us from her grasp. I saw other women in the building being dragged out to waiting lorries by their hair.”


Girl B and her sister were moved twice before they ended up at a house in Baaj, Iraq owned by an Isis sheik.

It was there that they were repeatedly raped by three Isis fighters, a health worker explained as Girl B became distressed and couldn’t detail that part of their capture.

They were then sold to an Isis commander called ‘Abu Ghuffram’ – whom Girl B knew – and taken to his house in the village Rambussi.

She said her period of enslavement alternated between chores and physical abuse, including one incident in which she was choked.

As is practice in Isis, the Yazidis were forced to renounce their faith and convert to Islam.

Jim Geraghty’s take on the matter:

Is it a problem that Americans or American Christians think of themselves as better people than those who seek to hijack religion for their own murderous ends?

News flash: Americans are better people who those who seek to hijack religion for their own murderous ends. No, really, go ahead. Feel good about yourself. I have confidence in declaring you, reader, for whatever flaws you have, a better human being than any member of ISIS or al-Qaeda.


By the way, the president with a “kill list” who’s authorized more than 390 drone strikes probably ought to tone it down a little on lines like, “No grievance justifies the taking of innocent lives.”

Ace’s advice to Sir Golfsalot on the matter is…umm…a bit shorter:

Go fuck yourself back to Indonesia.