If they can’t even properly identify that which they want to ban, perhaps they should treat themselves to a nice cup of STFU.

Democrat Lawmakers Fail To Provide Factual Support For “High Capacity Magazine Clip” Bill

“High capacity magazine clip?”  Never heard of such a thing.  Some guns take a removable box magazine, which may or may not be quickly reloaded with a stripper clip.  In some cases (such as the M1 Garand), the magazine is part of the gun, not a separate element.  (You can load the Garand with individual cartridges, but it’s faster if you use the en bloc clips designed for the purpose.)

Perhaps they’re related to the “30-magazine clip” described by the asshole in this video:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJmFEv6BHM0]