The real “war on women” is Democrats’ attempts to disarm them

Rape Survivor Goes Off on Lawmakers Over Anti-Gun Law: ‘Why Can’t I Have a Firearm to Protect Myself?!’

A rape survivor made a compelling case in favor of reforming Maryland’s “may issue” concealed carry laws during a Senate committee hearing last week, explaining to lawmakers why women need to be able to defend themselves.
“I need you to know this is so incredibly difficult for me, but I feel like if I don’t humanize this, if I don’t make it clear how this legislation actually affects your daughters, your mothers, the women of this state, then it’s all just a bunch of numbers,” Jacqueline Kahn told Maryland lawmakers.
Kahn then claimed that a man was arrested in her backyard. He was in possession of duct tape and scissors, she said.
“I wish I could tell you that’s the only time I’ve been stalked, or that’s the only man who has stalked anyone in the state of Maryland. But there’s a huge number of women, who like me have been raped, who like me have been sexually assaulted — and we want the right to be able to do what we would be allowed to do throughout the majority of the rest of the United States,” she said.

Must-see video, which starts with one feckless legislator trying to flee the session: