How Five Republicans Let Congress Keep Its Fraudulent Obamacare Subsidies

That tears it. I needed to change the address on my voter registration anyway…might as well go independent (or third-party) as well if crap like this is what the Republican majority in Congress is going to continue to deliver. They were sent to Washington to put the brakes on the Democrats’ disastrous agenda, but this is what they’re delivering instead:

How Five Republicans Let Congress Keep Its Fraudulent Obamacare Subsidies

The rumors began trickling in about a week before the scheduled vote on April 23: Republican leadership was quietly pushing senators to pull support for subpoenaing Congress’s fraudulent application to the District of Columbia’s health exchange — the document that facilitated Congress’s “exemption” from Obamacare by allowing lawmakers and staffers to keep their employer subsidies.

The application said Congress employed just 45 people. Names were faked; one employee was listed as “First Last,” another simply as “Congress.” To Small Business Committee chairman David Vitter, who has fought for years against the Obamacare exemption, it was clear that someone in Congress had falsified the document in order to make lawmakers and their staff eligible for taxpayer subsidies provided under the exchange for small-business employees.

But until Vitter got a green light from the Small Business Committee to subpoena the unredacted application from the District of Columbia health exchange, it would be impossible to determine who in Congress gave it a stamp of approval. When Vitter asked Republicans on his committee to approve the subpoena, however, he was unexpectedly stonewalled.

The elections office isn’t far from the office, so it’s no big deal to swing by there on the way home from work, or maybe even around lunchtime.