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You’re known by the company you keep

…and Michael Bloomberg has some rather unsavory company indeed in his gun-grabbing cabal:

Another (Former) Bloomberg Mayor Facing Multitude of Charges – The Truth About Guns

“A statewide investigating grand jury has recommended that criminal charges be filed against former Harrisburg Mayor Stephen R. Reed, the Harrisburg Patriot-News reported. “State Attorney General Kathleen Kane … calls the investigation into Reed one of the ‘most disturbing cases of public corruption this office has investigated.’”

“Former mayor of Pa. capital charged with 499 criminal counts,” Fox News documented in its report. “If convicted on all counts and given consecutive maximum sentences, Reed could face up to 2,439 years in prison.”

Whenever I see reports of a mayor in trouble with the law, my first instinct any more is to see if he or she is one of Bloomberg’s Bürgermeisters.

Here’s the rogues’ gallery:

End of an error

LV_BlueCard_FrontGuess I can go fish the guns I never registered out of Lake Mead now:

Gun enthusiasts shred blue cards in North Las Vegas

A sense of triumph overpowered the scent of rain in the wind for the hundreds of Second Amendment enthusiasts gathered at a North Las Vegas gun shop on Saturday.

A decades-old handgun Clark County registration program was shot down by the Nevada Legislature earlier this summer.

Those who gathered celebrated the program‘s demise at a community barbecue and blue card shredding party at the New Frontier Armory, 150 E. Centennial Parkway, near North Fifth Street.

Nevada Firearms Coalition President Don Turner said about 250 people came, including many families, and they were happy to celebrate the end of the program.

“A lot of people were taking pictures as they shred their blue cards,” he said, adding that the 3-foot-tall shredder people used was probably filled.

Bunkhouse closed again?

Heard someone mention this at the hash last night…thought it was just confusion about their having closed and reopened, but that’s apparently not the case:

Bunkhouse Saloon in downtown Las Vegas closes

The Bunkhouse Saloon has inexplicably gone dark. With seemingly no notice or explanation, the popular downtown music destination at 124 S. 11th Street issued word via its Facebook page that it is no longer operational, as of today:

“The Bunkhouse Saloon regrets to announce that we have closed our doors, effective immediately. Ticketholders for future shows will be contacted by Ticketfly regarding refunds. On behalf of our staff, management, and production team we would like to thank every artist who graced our stage and every person who visited us for a show or a cold beer. You made Bunkhouse something we will never forget.”

The closing announcement comes just less than a year after the venue re-opened this past fall after undergoing extensive renovations, including improvements to the staging and sound, as well as expanding the capacity and moving the entrance.

Is Gawker Destroying Itself From The Inside? Let’s Hope So.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.  Maybe MSNBC will follow Gawker into oblivion next:

Is Gawker Destroying Itself From The Inside? Let’s Hope So.

Because what may have seemed like a shocking new low was really just the inevitable trajectory of one of the most toxic cultures in all of media. It was the natural extension of a media empire with an editorial mission that owes far more allegiance to bullying and bitterness than it does to accuracy or ethics. This most recent scandal—which seems to have suddenly woken up the general public—is not an anomaly. It’s exactly what you get when you mix bad leadership, bad incentives, and selfish, self-loathing people.

Just look for a second at some of Gawker’s biggest stories over the years. There was the time they stole an iPhone prototype and nearly faced criminal prosecution for it. There was the time they ran private nude photos of quarterback Brett Favre to his objections and the objections of the recipient. There was the nude video of Dov Charney. There was the time they published an anonymous source’s recounting of a supposed one night stand by a female Senate candidate. There was the time they ran humiliating commentary against stolen footage of a sex tape featuring Hulk Hogan.

…to mention nothing of this Wonkette excrescence (link is to which they attempted to memory-hole sometime in 2012 or 2013:

operative: she has internet videos?
operative: does she do the thing with the ping-pong balls?*

The turd burglar responsible for that made on this list of “the ten most heinously unpleasant Gawker writers.”