Gun-grabbers who engage in SWATting should be prosecuted and imprisoned

In case you haven’t previously heard of it, “SWATting” is the practice of calling in a false report of criminal activity to 911, usually with the intent of getting a SWAT team to show up and catch the victim unaware.  It’s not just highly dangerous, it’s illegal…but laws apparently aren’t for moonbats these days.

The latest tactic of the gun-grabbers is to call the cops if they merely see you open-carrying:

Moms Demand SWATting

“You see a GunFilth waving its penis substitute, exit, call police. Armed robbery in progress.” So wrote Twitter user “Little Black Dog” on September 13 of this year.

The injunction was a particularly colorful one, but the idea behind it, alas, is not as uncommon as one might wish. “I see you #opencarry with a gun in public,” a man named “joe villa” threatened earlier this week, “i’m calling the cops. psycho behaving erratic. make your day.” A translation for the more literate among us: “The law be damned; exercise your rights under the law and I’ll threaten your life.”

“Take a look through the comments threads on Moms Demand Action’s Facebook page,” Bearing Arms’s Bob Owens tells me, “and you’ll see a lot of this.” “Not,” he clarifies,

from the leaders of the group. But it is a mindset popular among the followers. On there, on the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence — ironically — and on, you’ll notice commenters advocating that people call the police and exaggerate what is going on, hoping to get the cops to come in.

This is inexcusable.  They’re basically looking to get people killed for daring to exercise their rights.  Anyone who SWATs a gun owner should be charged with attempted murder.  If the situation escalates and someone is killed (as happened with Erik Scott), the charge should be upgraded to murder.