They can’t win if they can’t cheat

Even when it’s blue-on-blue:

Give ‘Em a Few More Days, And Everyone Will “Know” That Rubio Won Iowa

The last report is that the [Democrat] Party is asking 90 Iowa precincts to “recreate” their polling sites because they were not properly staffed. I don’t know what that means, either. I don’t know if they mean they want people to come in and re-caucus, or just turn over their records.

But 90 precincts, I guess, could change the vote, which currently stands at Hillary 49.8%, Sanders 49.6%.

She won one delegate by a coin flip.

Zincfinger says she won six delegates by coin-toss:

According to Barone, HRC won 6 delegates by coin-flip, going 6/6 on six separate coin-tosses. A 1/64 probability occurrence. Amazing!