z88dk: a quick way to get it running

I’m looking to bring up my RC2014-compatible computer project, now that I’ve assembled the minimal set of boards to have a working computer (CPU board, RAM/ROM board, and serial I/O board). The toolchain to build software for these systems is z88dk. It has a non-standard build system, and it looks like getting it to build on Gentoo Linux is a bit hairy. Fortunately, there’s a Docker image with all of the tools, and I think I can get it running with a bunch of shell scripts. Running the following from within /usr/local/bin should do the trick:

(echo '#!/usr/bin/env bash'; echo 'docker run -v .:/src -it --rm z88dk/z88dk "$@"') | sudo tee z88dk >/dev/null && sudo chmod +x z88dk; for i in zcc z88dk-sccz80 z88dk-zsdcc z88dk-z80asm z88dk-z80nm z88dk-zobjcopy z88dk-appmake z88dk-ticks z88dk-gdb z88dk-dis z88dk-lib z88dk-zx0 z88dk-zx7 z88dk-dzx0 z88dk-dzx7; do (echo '#!/usr/bin/env bash'; echo 'z88dk '$i' "$@"') | sudo tee $i >/dev/null && sudo chmod +x $i; done